Monday, June 2, 2014

3 revere to THREE people

Lord buddha:  emblematic salvation
source: google
GOD... my first revere is placed to almighty for my creation into this earth, in a religious country Bhutan, your assistance is indispensable and will always be indelible,although your mystical.

Parents.. second i revere my parents which is (transformation of God) for rising me.. providing all things I desires without constraints.

Teacher... third i will revere my teachers for transforming wild me into fragile and well equipped person,  will forever be your disciple and indebted to u..

Mourning to be with "Them" forever

Often awake by a horror sound
hectic nightmares wander inside my psyche
limpid  salty tears roll down my flaming eyes
turning my nose red, Desperately desiring to be snugged 
source from google
by "Them"
No histories are jotted in an annals
And never will it be in progressive future
A child rejoicing his or her entire life 
within four walls of their until death calls.

An infant will never remain as an infant in fact
will ripe as the fruits and blossom as flowers
Bidding farewell to their hoary parents
Resuming newly life n
estled miles away from aged old parents.

I believe " Home is where your soul resides" 
And being in Sherubtse, experiencing boarder life for first time
made me desolate, several thoughts, I had contemplated of being with "Them"

My mourning is buried, not even echoing 
I know A child will never lived with the parents forever..