Wednesday, May 14, 2014

who am i?

Resided in Zhemgang for almost 15 years my identity is still obscure to those people who live in Zhemgang. I never thought that I would be neglected since I does not possess any elevate occupation. “My existence is simply a useless" I thought but having a deep contemplation I realized that every individual are created with the purpose. I being an individual, leader of my own soul will also have a purpose which is yet to be unfolding. I am easy going girl by nature, convivial with everybody that i encountered. Moreover I am a dreamer bound by a high dreams. I am currently pursuing media to make my dream into reality. Sometime I would get devastated finding myself doing nothing than something. The passionate I inherit should be firstly explored to indulge myself in doing something. I am still in a process of exploring my true passion. I get easily inspired by witnessing praise worth people and things. I am mostly an introvert who loves secluded atmosphere than a noisy crowd.  I am known as Sherab Tshomo in this present life that basically possesses a great sense of humor. I don't have any specific ambitions but I want to get myself involved in a job which will contribute something valuable to my country and to my parents. 

I truly believe in hardship than miracles. Miracles are just the followers of hardship. It will ultimately occur after going through certain hardship in our life. Every successful man is backed by several hardships. So I have taken an ought to myself that I will struggle through hardship to vanquish my dream. I am perfect in my own fantasy world but I am still imperfect in the world of reality. I was taught by my parents that “Never quit anything without having strenuous try" so I am a kind of person who will not give up easily, unless I accomplished my actual goal. In attempts to accomplish my goal I should not become a callous but a good human being without any bias towards high and low caste people. By enduring pain and hardship i have to strive to become a person of my choice. Success and failure also coincide with each other that I should never relinquish after experiencing failure. I will accept my failure ebulliently so that I can become successful in my second try. I am still in a progress of shouldering myself with certain responsibilities towards my parents, teachers, friends, kindred and to my country. Even if i am unable to accomplish my dream I will never forget my humanity.